The Vérité Group helps you develop and implement a clear safety and security plan filled with effective strategies and programs designed to protect every important element of your home or business.
               Our home services will evaluate your physical environment, your exposure based upon your homes location, and solutions for a totally safe home environment.   
               Our business services will address: your employees, your customers,  your physical environment, your  supply chain, and your products.  Providing a local focus and global  network of resources, The Vérité Group is uniquely equipped to deliver comprehensive security consulting and support throughout the country and around  the world.

               Residential Services

      The Vérité Group offers home security inspections upon request for residential properties. The purpose of these inspections is to help you strengthen your defenses against criminals who may attempt to victimize your home/business. These inspections are only one of many tools used to safeguard ourselves and property. Your local locksmiths, security companies and homebuilders may also provide further information that can help make your property more secure.
         Many insurance companies offer a discount if your home passes a comprehensive security inspection.
       Become familiar with your neighbors.  Notify the police immediately of any suspicious people or vehicles in your neighborhood.  Many neighborhoods have found a Neighborhood Watch organization to be an effective deterrent to crime.   These Watch groups can be  organized in cooperation with your local police department.  The Vérité Group can assist with the planning and organization of your local watch group.

        Security systems should include a loud siren, sensors on doors and motion sensors throughout the home.  Even if you opt not to incur the cost of live 24/7 monitoring, a loud audible alarm will be effective in driving away would be intruders.   Many good self installed home systems are now available using wireless that do require professional installation or monthly monitoring. 
       Deadbolt locks can provide your best security for exterior doors. Using high quality, name-brand locks can be well worth your investment.  The deadbolt should extend at least  one inch into a solid door jam.   The door jam should be reinforced by a solid metal strike plate.   Remember, if a door window is near the lock, the lock should be of the double key configuration to prevent breaking the glass and turning the lock.   Never keep the key in the inside lock. 
       Consider installing outdoor floodlights that are motion-activated. Make sure they are placed high enough so that burglars can't easily tamper with them.
       Keep valuables away from windows so burglars can't see them from outside.
       Use an etching tool to mark your valuables (use driver's license number and state abbreviation-not your social security number).    A photographic or video record of your valuable items will assist police in the identification and recovery of your property in the eent you do become the victim of a crime.   These records may also greatly facilitate the payout of any homeowners insurance claims you may fle.  

       Keep model/serial numbers of valuables in a secure location.

       Trim trees/bushes around the property so burglars have fewer places to hide.
       Install peepholes in your exterior doors, and don't open the door to someone you don't know.
       Don't trust a safety chain which can easily be broken with force.
 These   tips are only a few suggestions to help protect persons and property from criminals.